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Re: Urgent!!! Need Advice!!!

Posted by Betty in Philly on 7/24/06
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    On 7/24/06, Nancy wrote:
    > I just went to look at Amazons. I like two but only want
    > one. Should I get the full sized handsome one who is
    > kinda friendly but acts shy and afraid and squaks a bit
    > when I go to pick it up . . . or the under - sized one
    > that is more interactive and less afraid. Neither is
    > exactly cuddly but one at least sits there without running
    > away when you go to pick it up. I'm afraid the smaller
    > one might not be as healthy but there's no evidence of
    > that except she's about 20-25 percent smaller than the
    > average Amazon. She looks healthy but smallish. The Big
    > Fraidy Cat is also a nice bird.

    When you come to a board asking for advice you might want to
    say what kind of Amazon you are thinking of buying. There's
    a zillion things I could say to you but the size difference
    might have to do with them being different species or even
    from different clutches. The smaller one might be younger
    and just hasn't developed yet.
    Is this an impulse buy, because it sounds as if it may be?
    If this is your first bird you are in for a rude awakening
    regardless of how friendly or interactive either of them are.
    I hope you have thought this out and understand the life long
    commitment you are making.