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Re: Urgent!!! Need Advice!!!

Posted by Nancy on 7/24/06
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    It's a Green Cheeked and it's small. My second bird.

    On 7/24/06, Betty in Philly wrote:
    > On 7/24/06, Nancy wrote:
    >> I just went to look at Amazons. I like two but only want
    >> one. Should I get the full sized handsome one who is
    >> kinda friendly but acts shy and afraid and squaks a bit
    >> when I go to pick it up . . . or the under - sized one
    >> that is more interactive and less afraid. Neither is
    >> exactly cuddly but one at least sits there without running
    >> away when you go to pick it up. I'm afraid the smaller
    >> one might not be as healthy but there's no evidence of
    >> that except she's about 20-25 percent smaller than the
    >> average Amazon. She looks healthy but smallish. The Big
    >> Fraidy Cat is also a nice bird.
    > When you come to a board asking for advice you might want to
    > say what kind of Amazon you are thinking of buying. There's
    > a zillion things I could say to you but the size difference
    > might have to do with them being different species or even
    > from different clutches. The smaller one might be younger
    > and just hasn't developed yet.
    > Is this an impulse buy, because it sounds as if it may be?
    > If this is your first bird you are in for a rude awakening
    > regardless of how friendly or interactive either of them are.
    > I hope you have thought this out and understand the life
    > commitment you are making.