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Re: Urgent!!! Need Advice!!!

Posted by Sonoma on 7/25/06
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    It depends on your personality as well. I personally like
    the "Fraidy Cat" bird. He shows intelligence and isn't going to
    let just anyone pick him up. But that's just my personality, you
    see. I like a bird that has a bit of self respect You might like
    a more affectionate bird.

    I agree with Betty here. Be sure you know what you are getting
    in for. It truly is like adopting a 3 year old child that will
    remain three years old until it is 70 years old or so and it
    will never grow up and be able to get a job and fend for itself.
    It is a lifetime commitment.

    And I personally think there is a big difference between getting
    an Amazon as a second bird versus getting a second Amazon but I
    will leave that debate to the others.

    I have never had more than two Amazons at a time and one was a
    rescue who died of old age and a bad heart. If you think an
    Amazon can be cranky, try dealing with one that is 50 and having
    chest pains. :)