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Re: Amazon Question (important)

Posted by Samantha on 7/24/06
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    I currently have no parrots but was wondering about the best
    age to purchase an Amazon. I think Amazons and I would
    connect the best. I have heard "buy young" and also
    buy "after the Amazon personality is formed". I'm not even
    sure exactly when that is!

    On 7/24/06, Debbie wrote:
    > I think its maybe best to get a baby and let it grow with
    > you and to learn (you and the bird too) as you go.
    > I have adopted 2 types of amazons a DYH and YN and bought
    > another BF from a friend but after 3 years with my flock he
    > just wasnt happy here (he wanted my YN female so I sold him
    > but still keep in touch where he is now. He is doing much
    > better so it was what was best. I hate to have birds go from
    > home to home but sometimes it just has to happen for them or
    > the owners I know.
    > Do you have other birds??
    > I have 12 different types of birds, so its more of a nut
    > house at times :0)
    > Debbie
    > On 7/24/06, Samantha wrote:
    >> Is it better to buy a barely weaned baby without its
    >> personality formed or wait until it gets older (to see the
    >> personality better) but by then, somebody else has been
    >> around the bird more. Wouldn't you have a better behaved
    >> and socialized and loving and calm bird from all that
    >> bonding time by purchasing earlier?
    >> re: Double Yellow or Blue Front