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Re: Amazon Question (important)

Posted by Debbie on 7/25/06
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    If you have had parrots before its ok but if you havent make
    sure you go see and hear how they might be louder and or more
    demanding than you might think.
    I see too many birds that people didnt know how they really were
    go from home to home and its sad just because people thought
    they were cute babies. Conures and amazons are the most up for
    adoption at about 1 or 2 years of age.
    I dont want to turn you away from amazons but please make sure
    its what you want first, they can be nerve racking at times (not
    all but most)
    If you do decide to get one buy it young (make sure its weaned
    good) from a breeder that takes the time to answer your
    questions, is local and that seems to care about the birds so
    you can go or call for any questions after buying it.
    Certain types of amazons get kinda crazy during breeding seasons
    when they get older too.
    I had all three myself that are considered the hot ones BF,DYH
    and YN and they can get pretty mean during that time just
    depends on the bird itself.
    Just wanting to help if possible but not turn you away from
    getting what you want either.

    On 7/24/06, Samantha wrote:
    > I currently have no parrots but was wondering about the best
    > age to purchase an Amazon. I think Amazons and I would
    > connect the best. I have heard "buy young" and also
    > buy "after the Amazon personality is formed". I'm not even
    > sure exactly when that is!
    > On 7/24/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> I think its maybe best to get a baby and let it grow with
    >> you and to learn (you and the bird too) as you go.
    >> I have adopted 2 types of amazons a DYH and YN and bought
    >> another BF from a friend but after 3 years with my flock he
    >> just wasnt happy here (he wanted my YN female so I sold him
    >> but still keep in touch where he is now. He is doing much
    >> better so it was what was best. I hate to have birds go from
    >> home to home but sometimes it just has to happen for them or
    >> the owners I know.
    >> Do you have other birds??
    >> I have 12 different types of birds, so its more of a nut
    >> house at times :0)
    >> Debbie
    >> On 7/24/06, Samantha wrote:
    >>> Is it better to buy a barely weaned baby without its
    >>> personality formed or wait until it gets older (to see the
    >>> personality better) but by then, somebody else has been
    >>> around the bird more. Wouldn't you have a better behaved
    >>> and socialized and loving and calm bird from all that
    >>> bonding time by purchasing earlier?
    >>> re: Double Yellow or Blue Front