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Re: Baby Amazon Bite!!!

Posted by Bird Mom on 8/03/06
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    No, being bitten by a bird ( young or old ) isn't at all
    strange or unusual. Unfortunally biting is something that
    birds do, weather we like it or not & the sooner you realize
    & accept that fact the more you will understand how/why
    birds act/react to certain situations. You are the one that
    needs to learn how to "read" your birds moods & actions to
    prevent being bitten. Some birds are cute & cuddly, but the
    majority of birds ( esp. the larger breeds & rehomed birds )
    are not. So don't try to force your attentions on any bird
    when he/she is in a hyper, mad or upset mood. It's just a
    bird thing, so educate yourself more about reading their
    moods & actions so you'll know when to leave them alone to
    prevent being nailed ( beaked/bitten ) by your bird.


    On 7/26/06, Tina wrote:
    > My ten week old baby just cut my skin. I was shocked and
    > flicked her beak hard with my index finger. No pain but
    > trying to needed to send him a message. Is this unusual
    > and how would you stop biting at such a very young age?