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Re: Baby Blue Front

Posted by pauljr on 7/28/06
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    On 7/28/06, Sonoma wrote:
    > On 7/28/06, Carla wrote:
    >> My 3 month old baby keeps trying to squeeze himself
    >> between his food dish and his feeding perch. At first I
    >> thought "let him learn that he doesn't fit". But it keeps
    >> going on like he will never learn. Is he neurotic or is
    >> there a possible brain dysfunction? Or is he just being a
    >> baby. I have another parrot but this is my first Amazon.
    > Sounds like Schizophrenia to me! Best bring in an avian
    > certified psychiatrist. :)
    > Seriously, birds (especially young ones) are always growing
    > new feathers and they itch like crazy. My amazon is 20 and
    > even though he gets plenty of scratching behind the ears
    > from me, he will sometimes stand at the end of the perch and
    > rub his back against the bars of the cage.
    > Your bird may just be trying to find something that will hit
    > that right spot that itches. They depend upon other birds to
    > scratch the areas their beak can't reach (or upon you). Try
    > giving him some gentle scratches behind its head and see if
    > he likes that instead. It makes the bird more comfortable
    > and is a great way to bond with it. If that is the problem,
    > this is your opportunity to become his best friend for
    > life. :)