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Re: Baby Blue Front

Posted by Debbie on 8/04/06
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    I hope I will see how to post pictures as well as I havent done it before.
    Its weird how birds find out about the other ones and how much they will
    take of them too. They are all different just like people.
    Our amazon thats is 46 is the old man of our house. I adopted him from a
    lady in her 80's who just couldnt handle him like he needed anymore and
    her family didnt want him. We kept in touch online (she lived 3 hours
    away) so she could see how he was doing and after she passed I still do
    keep in touch and send pictures to her 2 daughters. They sent me pictures
    of him from 1970's which I thought was sooo cool!!
    He grunts like an old man we always say when the dogs bark or the
    doorbell rings. But he always loves to see new people come in to see the
    birds,,,, maybe hopeing somebody will take the other birds away!! HA HA
    He gets jealous but is ok with my other birds except my YN amazon ...he
    just hates to even hear her let alone see her. She stays in the back room
    away from most of my flock in my birdroom but its best all the way around
    and for her as well to be alone in a room. She is much calmer there by
    herself and so is my flock in the bird room. She had been though many many
    homes and not good ones either :0( so I cant give up on her. She loves men
    but has hate for women. I have had her for 3 years as well as the DYH but
    from different people. She has came a long way but I also dont expect
    things with her to change over night if it ever does with her.

    On 8/04/06, Sonoma wrote:
    > On 8/03/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> I have one that is 46 if you want to see how he might look at that age
    >> as well :0)
    >> Debbie from Ca.
    > Actually, I once had a half plucked Double Yellow of age 50 so I know
    > what an old one looks like. But i would like to see yours. Which reminds
    > me of a story...
    > The old one was named Polly (how original was that?) and the young one
    > is named Sonoma. Polly had only learned to say one thing, "Lets GO!"
    > which meant "lets eat" to Polly (I was told).
    > Since that was the only thing Polly could say, Sonoma got mightily tired
    > of hearing it over and over again and one evening when let out of the
    > cage, Sonoma flew over to Polly's cage and reached in to grab him by the
    > collar to stress his desire to shut up with the "Lets Go!" repetition (I
    > supposed).
    > Being far too long in the tooth to tolerate an unwanted foot stuck in
    > his cage, Polly chomped the foot and Sonoma withdrew with a bloody claw
    > and they got along great after that. A hard lesson and happened so fast
    > I could not prevent it but the point is, I do know what it is like to be
    > in the company of a cranky old Amazon. :)
    > And yes, Polly drew a significant amount of my own blood before we
    > finally became friends. Took a whole year, but worth it.
    > Somebody remind me how to post pics here and I will show you Polly.