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Re: WOW it worked!! /Debbie

Posted by Debby on 8/06/06
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    Debbie, thanks so much for sharing, he looks excellant for his age, not just good. Very
    nice looking bird. Thanks again for sharing with us. :-)


    > DUH I coulda put that the picture is of my 46 year old DYH male named Pablo.
    > He looks good for his age too as Dr. Scott has told me.
    > Guess we are never too old to learn new things
    > Thanks again for the help,
    > Debbie
    > On 8/05/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> I dont know if this will come though or not but I am gonna at least try once
    >> tonight
    >> .
    >> On 8/04/06, Sonoma wrote:
    >>> Soooo it appears you just open a free account at Photobucket, upload your pics
    >>> there, then paste the URL into the bottom box when you post a message (where it
    >>> says "Image URL:") but be sure you don't have "two" of the "http://" things like
    >>> I did the first time.