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Re: Rachel from Lovepets

Posted by Melanie on 8/14/06
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    On 8/14/06, Toby's Mom wrote:
    > Yes, it is a scam. The US has prohibited the importation of
    > exotic birds since 1992.
    > If I were looking for a DYH, I would be searching for a
    > reputable breeder or bird rescue closer to home. Good luck.
    thank you
    > On 8/14/06, Melanie wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I am looking for a DYH and I got an email from this
    >>, and she is willing to ship the
    >> bird and I pay her later., sound to good to be true?
    >> Sounds like a scam., I just need feedback., she is out of
    >> the country and says she has one for 450?
    >> Thanks.