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Re: Rachel from Lovepets

Posted by Lora on 8/16/06
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    Its definitely a scam. Getting an AMAZON from Africa is
    ridiculous, AMAZON should tell you they are native to South
    America. There are so many available here. Check your local
    bird shelter and societies. Since the DYH is one of the hot
    three, they are plenty out there (mostly males) because of
    their amazon ways.
    Make sure you do your research and choose a bird to fit you
    and your life style and not for looks or talking ability. I
    personally know some absolutely wonderful zons, and can
    honestly tell you they are not for beginners. Males are
    almost always ONE person birds. And it doesn't seem to
    matter if that person no longer owns them. Having
    been "stapled" more than once by males I speak from
    experience. And don't forget you have to one of those people
    that think the amazon smell is perfume to your nose!!