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Re: Rachel from Lovepets

Posted by Melanie on 8/17/06
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    On 8/16/06, Sonoma wrote:
    > On 8/16/06, Lora wrote:
    >> Having
    >> been "stapled" more than once by males I speak from
    >> experience. And don't forget you have to one of those people
    >> that think the amazon smell is perfume to your nose!!
    > How clever. I never thought of that but that is exactly what
    > an Amazon wound looks like. I am one of those who loves the
    > smell of an Amazon. Isn't it strange how to some, it is a bad
    > smell and to others, it is the sweetest smell ever?
    Thank you to everyone that emailed me.
    The offers of birds are coming out of the woodwork, however,
    they are all Yahoo addresses and similiar writings, hmmmm....
    Thanks for the heads up!