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Re: Rachel from Lovepets

Posted by melinda on 9/04/06
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    On 8/14/06, Melanie wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I am looking for a DYH and I got an email from this
    >, and she is willing to ship the
    > bird and I pay her later., sound to good to be true?
    > Sounds like a scam., I just need feedback., she is out of
    > the country and says she has one for 450?
    > Thanks.
    Hello, this same woman wants to sell me a pair of monkeys
    for $1500 but asks for $138 each up front to ship them from
    Cameroon. I thought it was illegal to import monkeys into
    the USA. I would love to give a home to a rescue monkey or a
    parrot, but I feel this is a scam too. Sorry folks I know
    its about monkeys but I also read an ad for a trio of macaws
    she supposedly had for free too. Thanks for any responses
    or comments.