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Re: Question about Amazons: baby to adult

Posted by Pamela on 8/29/06
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    I have 3 Amazons and 2 are the "HOT 3", male Yellow Nape, & male
    Double Yellow Head. I also have a female Double Yellow Head.
    We have had the Nape since he was 10 years old, he is now 18.
    The female DYH since she was 3-1/2, she is now 12. We have had
    the male DYH since he was 35 or more and have had him 3 years.
    He is the biggest teddy bear, cuddle bug in the world. He has
    never tried to bite.
    We wouldn't trade any of them for anything. The Nape was a
    rescue and very nasty at times now he is a lover to my husband
    and really playful.
    Amazons are the greated in my book. I believe mine forgot to
    read the book that says they are nasty.