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Post: Update on Jordan Russell and the stolen Redfront hen in CA

Posted by D'Arcy von Schultz on 9/03/06

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    I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time and
    trouble to email me trying to help me locate Jordan and/or
    the missing Redfront hen.

    I've actually managed to locate Jordan and get him to pay
    what he owed me, but found out after a great deal of being
    misled that he'd sold the bird months earlier (sometime
    between June and August) to a Jerry Jennings from this
    organization . Of course this
    puts everything in a grey area legally because Jordan did
    not own the bird when he sold her even though he has paid
    for her now and I was not aware of the transaction when it
    occurred. Mr. Jennings' response when I called trying to
    find out at least how the bird was doing was - "It's not my
    problem and I don't really care. I have five pairs of
    Redfronts and none of them have bands (mine was banded when
    I sold her and I have pictures to prove it). You'd have to
    prove which bird was yours." - and then he hung up on me. I
    wrote him a follow up note explaining the circumstances in
    case he wasn't aware of just what Jordan had been up to, but
    he's chosen not to answer. I do have some follow-up plans in
    motion because I would like to know the condition she's in.

    And if anyone's thinking if doing business with either
    Jordan Russell or Jerry Jennings (who sells quite a few
    species of baby parrots besides Toucans) - well, now you
    have some idea of what you may have in store. Please feel
    free to forward this any and everywhere; I will be happy to
    provide proof of all statements herein except for the actual
    conversation with Mr. Jennings - I didn't have a tape
    recorder handy .

    Best regards,


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