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Re: HELP!! Amazon plucking!

Posted by laura on 11/27/06
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    Are you sure he is still plucking & not molting? There are
    product's out such as pluck no more, that have worked for SOME
    parrot's when used correctly. I've also been told if you
    dont "fuss" over it -- some have tryed placing a picture of a
    fully feathered next to there cage. Surley try feather picking
    toys - peacock feather works great, cotton or sisal for
    preening. Swing's with this have worked - more chewy toys?

    If he is still plucking it's going to be a trial & error thing
    on what helps! If he was vet checked & all the test came back
    negitive -- then you might want to look into these other

    There also is something better then "the cone" its called a
    cape -- looks like an upside down e-collar lined with felt.
    Its saved alot of life's!

    Good luck