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Post: HELP!! Amazon plucking!

Posted by Angela on 9/28/06

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    Ok, this story may be a little long but here goes:

    Since March of 2003 I have been the proud bird mother to a
    Mealy Amazon, he was 8 months old when I got him, so that
    puts him a little over 3 years old now. Every since
    bringing him home I have worked very hard on socializing
    him, I take him on frequent car rides and he has two macaw
    sized cages with about 7-8 toys in each (I attend college,
    so he has a cage where I live during school and one at
    home). Sometimes I leave him at home with my folks for two
    or three days if I dont think I will have the tine for him
    that week or if sometimes prohibits me from bringing him
    along. He has never bit ANYone since I have had him- and he
    has a habit of stepping off onto anyone who gets to close
    and making kissy noises at them, and knows about 30
    different phrases, which is pretty good being that Mealys
    are not well known talkers....ok, now that you have some
    background here is my problem.........

    I went on vacation last week and left him for seven days
    with my folks-in his cage and in his home, were he lives
    with me. When I came back on Monday his entire chest area
    was bald!!!!!!! I promptly took him to my vet who (after
    running tests to make sure it wasnt anything else) told me
    that it was a separation issue where I had left him, and
    that he should stop plucking now that I was home (although
    now I must come up with a solution anytime I want to go on
    vacation as it is likely to happen again. Anyways, I came
    home and rearranged all of his toys to change up his
    environment and even have begun showering with him every
    day (the vet said this would be good for him) in an effort
    to get him to stop.

    Well, as long as I am home he is fine, doesnt pluck even if
    he is in his cage and not out on his playstand at the
    moment. However, the moment I leave to go to work he must
    begin plucking again because for the past two nights I have
    came home to feathers in the bottom of his cage. It doesnt
    matter if anyone else spends time with him or not. As it
    stands, the vet told me that if he continues that we would
    have to look at other options, such as the dreaded cone.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to get my precious baby to

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