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Re: Attack Amazon

Posted by Debbie on 11/01/06
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    Sounds like your bird is jealous, it happens as they think
    we are their mates.
    I would clip its wings.
    Sorry,,,,,,I know some people hate to do that but it really
    helps to control them when they get like that. Watch for
    other bird owners and make sure thats what you want to do
    maybe they have better answers but thats what I would do to
    save your husband. I have 10 parrots here in the house and
    all wings are clipped for me to have more control plus to
    keep them from going to another cage to start a fight.
    Birdies are fine with it here.
    Good luck,

    On 11/01/06, Robin wrote:
    > Hi...I am new to this site, I have a 23 year old Female
    > Yellow Naped Amazon that has been in my family for the
    > entire 23 years of her life. She has only owned me for the
    > past year and a half, but she is very attached to me, and
    > loves me very much. I have been around birds all of my
    > life...(4) plus years) and have an African Grey, as well
    > as a Cockatiel all living in the same room. My
    > Amazon...Paco-(they thought she was a boy...LOL)Has
    > recently started attacking my husband almost every time
    > that he comes into the room! She flies at him and just
    > attacks his face and neck, has drawn blood and really hurt
    > him. My husband has never been aggressive (he has the Grey
    > and is very good with her) has never been mean and has
    > never been threatening to Paco. What can I do to stop this
    > behavior? I have been immediately removing her from the
    > room and taking her back to her cage when she does this.
    > She'll be good for about a week then she does it again.
    > Any suggestions?
    > Thanks!
    > Robin