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Re: Attack Amazon

Posted by Jo-Ann on 11/02/06
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    On 11/01/06, Debbie wrote:
    > I love the DUH part cause I do that all of the time :0)HA
    > Amazons can bite so hard if they want to and one time it may
    > really get your husband or someone else bad so better be more
    > safe than sorry. Some people dont like to clip wings and get mad
    > if you suggest it but it works out great for me and my flock
    > here and it really doesnt hurt the bird. They do get jealous and
    > it can get serious sometimes depending on the bird. You might
    > have your husband give your bird a treat it really likes that no
    > one else does to help win it over a little more. Just watch the
    > fingers no matter what and good luck. We just learn to work
    > around problems with our birds if we can and make it safe for
    > our hubbies too. :0)
    > Debbie
    > On 11/01/06, Robin wrote:
    >> Thanks so much, I happened to think of that very thing as I
    >> was typing the question...(DUH...) Should have done it sooner.
    >> I do clip the Tiels's wings as he is a high flyer, but have
    >> never felt the need to clip Paco's as she usually roams on the
    >> floor. I did clip them tonite, and so appreciate any other
    >> suggestion that anyone else may have. I love my baby, and will
    >> do whatever to help her through this. I feel like she is
    >> somehow distressed by my husband's presence. Thanks for your
    >> advice...Well taken :-)
    >> On 11/01/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>> Hello
    >>> Sounds like your bird is jealous, it happens as they think
    >>> we are their mates.
    >>> I would clip its wings.
    >>> Sorry,,,,,,I know some people hate to do that but it really
    >>> helps to control them when they get like that. Watch for
    >>> other bird owners and make sure thats what you want to do
    >>> maybe they have better answers but thats what I would do to
    >>> save your husband. I have 10 parrots here in the house and
    >>> all wings are clipped for me to have more control plus to
    >>> keep them from going to another cage to start a fight.
    >>> Birdies are fine with it here.
    >>> Good luck,
    >>> Debbie
    >>> On 11/01/06, Robin wrote:
    >>>> Hi...I am new to this site, I have a 23 year old Female
    >>>> Yellow Naped Amazon that has been in my family for the
    >>>> entire 23 years of her life. She has only owned me for the
    >>>> past year and a half, but she is very attached to me, and
    >>>> loves me very much. I have been around birds all of my
    >>>> life...(4) plus years) and have an African Grey, as well
    >>>> as a Cockatiel all living in the same room. My
    >>>> Amazon...Paco-(they thought she was a boy...LOL)Has
    >>>> recently started attacking my husband almost every time
    >>>> that he comes into the room! She flies at him and just
    >>>> attacks his face and neck, has drawn blood and really hurt
    >>>> him. My husband has never been aggressive (he has the Grey
    >>>> and is very good with her) has never been mean and has
    >>>> never been threatening to Paco. What can I do to stop this
    >>>> behavior? I have been immediately removing her from the
    >>>> room and taking her back to her cage when she does this.
    >>>> She'll be good for about a week then she does it again.
    >>>> Any suggestions?
    >>>> Thanks!
    >>>> Robin

    Another thing to try is have hubby read to the bird and spend some
    time with her (Yikes! maybe the gray will get jealous!) I know
    it's hard to find the time for everyone and everything, but a
    little extra time spent may well be worth a pound of cure!

    One thing I tried to get my tiel (sorry - I know this is an amazon
    board) a bit used to my husband was to put a piece of cloth in her
    cage that had his scent on it. We hung it in the cage with a
    safety pin (might need something a bit stronger for a zon) and
    she played with it. We think it worked but she just may have
    gotten a bit more used to him.

    Good luck