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Re: Attack Amazon

Posted by Debbie on 11/03/06
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    WOW a piece of cothing with his scent.....Now thats a good idea for
    even different types of animals as well as birds too!
    I say try anything and to me it doesnt matter what board you are on
    we try whatever might work and its nice to hear ideas of what works
    on any bird.
    Have a good weekend everybody,

    On 11/02/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    > On 11/01/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> I love the DUH part cause I do that all of the time :0)HA
    >> Amazons can bite so hard if they want to and one time it may
    >> really get your husband or someone else bad so better be more
    >> safe than sorry. Some people dont like to clip wings and get mad
    >> if you suggest it but it works out great for me and my flock
    >> here and it really doesnt hurt the bird. They do get jealous and
    >> it can get serious sometimes depending on the bird. You might
    >> have your husband give your bird a treat it really likes that no
    >> one else does to help win it over a little more. Just watch the
    >> fingers no matter what and good luck. We just learn to work
    >> around problems with our birds if we can and make it safe for
    >> our hubbies too. :0)
    >> Debbie
    >> On 11/01/06, Robin wrote:
    >>> Thanks so much, I happened to think of that very thing as I
    >>> was typing the question...(DUH...) Should have done it sooner.
    >>> I do clip the Tiels's wings as he is a high flyer, but have
    >>> never felt the need to clip Paco's as she usually roams on the
    >>> floor. I did clip them tonite, and so appreciate any other
    >>> suggestion that anyone else may have. I love my baby, and will
    >>> do whatever to help her through this. I feel like she is
    >>> somehow distressed by my husband's presence. Thanks for your
    >>> advice...Well taken :-)
    >>> On 11/01/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>>> Hello
    >>>> Sounds like your bird is jealous, it happens as they think
    >>>> we are their mates.
    >>>> I would clip its wings.
    >>>> Sorry,,,,,,I know some people hate to do that but it really
    >>>> helps to control them when they get like that. Watch for
    >>>> other bird owners and make sure thats what you want to do
    >>>> maybe they have better answers but thats what I would do to
    >>>> save your husband. I have 10 parrots here in the house and
    >>>> all wings are clipped for me to have more control plus to
    >>>> keep them from going to another cage to start a fight.
    >>>> Birdies are fine with it here.
    >>>> Good luck,
    >>>> Debbie
    >>>> On 11/01/06, Robin wrote:
    >>>>> Hi...I am new to this site, I have a 23 year old Female
    >>>>> Yellow Naped Amazon that has been in my family for the
    >>>>> entire 23 years of her life. She has only owned me for the
    >>>>> past year and a half, but she is very attached to me, and
    >>>>> loves me very much. I have been around birds all of my
    >>>>> life...(4) plus years) and have an African Grey, as well
    >>>>> as a Cockatiel all living in the same room. My
    >>>>> Amazon...Paco-(they thought she was a boy...LOL)Has
    >>>>> recently started attacking my husband almost every time
    >>>>> that he comes into the room! She flies at him and just
    >>>>> attacks his face and neck, has drawn blood and really hurt
    >>>>> him. My husband has never been aggressive (he has the Grey
    >>>>> and is very good with her) has never been mean and has
    >>>>> never been threatening to Paco. What can I do to stop this
    >>>>> behavior? I have been immediately removing her from the
    >>>>> room and taking her back to her cage when she does this.
    >>>>> She'll be good for about a week then she does it again.
    >>>>> Any suggestions?
    >>>>> Thanks!
    >>>>> Robin
    > Another thing to try is have hubby read to the bird and spend some
    > time with her (Yikes! maybe the gray will get jealous!) I know
    > it's hard to find the time for everyone and everything, but a
    > little extra time spent may well be worth a pound of cure!
    > One thing I tried to get my tiel (sorry - I know this is an amazon
    > board) a bit used to my husband was to put a piece of cloth in her
    > cage that had his scent on it. We hung it in the cage with a
    > safety pin (might need something a bit stronger for a zon) and
    > she played with it. We think it worked but she just may have
    > gotten a bit more used to him.
    > Good luck