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Re: Attack Amazon

Posted by Jo-Ann on 11/03/06
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    On 11/03/06, LauraJ wrote:
    > On 11/03/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> WOW a piece of cothing with his scent.....Now thats a good idea for
    >> even different types of animals as well as birds too!
    >> I say try anything and to me it doesnt matter what board you are on
    >> we try whatever might work and its nice to hear ideas of what works
    >> on any bird.
    >> Have a good weekend everybody,
    >> Debbie
    >>> On 11/02/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >>> Another thing to try is have hubby read to the bird and spend some
    >>> time with her (Yikes! maybe the gray will get jealous!) I know
    >>> it's hard to find the time for everyone and everything, but a
    >>> little extra time spent may well be worth a pound of cure!
    >>> One thing I tried to get my tiel (sorry - I know this is an amazon
    >>> board) a bit used to my husband was to put a piece of cloth in her
    >>> cage that had his scent on it. We hung it in the cage with a
    >>> safety pin (might need something a bit stronger for a zon) and
    >>> she played with it. We think it worked but she just may have
    >>> gotten a bit more used to him.
    >>> Good luck
    > My avian vet says that a bird has no sense of smell and I have read
    > this in several books but just try telling my parrots that when I am
    > cooking spaghetti or frying chicken. They go nuts and they are not in
    > the same room nor can they see what I am
    > LauraJ

    According to the tiel stuff I've read, their sense of smell is close to
    human - I don't know if it pertains to all parrots.