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Re: biting amazon help

Posted by Jo-Ann on 11/05/06
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    On 11/05/06, greg wrote:
    > help needed..
    > I have purchased a double yellow headed Amazon..He
    > is about 15 years old, has had a history of two previous
    > male owners..and was kept in a small toyless cage..
    > He flares his tail and pins his eyes.. bites and reacts
    > this way only to men. Does anyone have a reason why he
    > would have this reaction only to men and/or a solution to
    > the problem..i have had the amazon for a little over a
    > month. i can give him food and water from my hand, but
    > with no offering he strikes to fiance
    > can handle the bird like a baby and never has a problem..
    > I would like to be able to handle the bird also.. any
    > suggestions would be helpful... thank u.. greg

    Maybe he didn't enjoy his time with the previous male
    owners! Small home (cage) notheing to do (no toys) doesn't
    sound like much fun - surprised he hasn't plucked himself.

    It's only been a month, give him time to get to know you and
    learn he can trust you. It would probably take us a bit of
    time to trust a new person after some not so nice conditions

    Even look at the other species boards, you never know where
    you'll find a good tip.

    Good luck