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Re: biting amazon help

Posted by aubrey on 11/07/06
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    On 11/06/06, Gail wrote:
    > On 11/05/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >> On 11/05/06, greg wrote:
    >>> help needed..
    >>> I have purchased a double yellow headed Amazon..He
    >>> is about 15 years old, has had a history of two previous
    >>> male owners..and was kept in a small toyless cage..
    >>> He flares his tail and pins his eyes.. bites and reacts
    >>> this way only to men. Does anyone have a reason why he
    >>> would have this reaction only to men and/or a solution to
    >>> the problem..i have had the amazon for a little over a
    >>> month. i can give him food and water from my hand, but
    >>> with no offering he strikes to fiance
    >>> can handle the bird like a baby and never has a problem..
    >>> I would like to be able to handle the bird also.. any
    >>> suggestions would be helpful... thank u.. greg
    >> Maybe he didn't enjoy his time with the previous male
    >> owners! Small home (cage) notheing to do (no toys) doesn't
    >> sound like much fun - surprised he hasn't plucked himself.
    >> It's only been a month, give him time to get to know you and
    >> learn he can trust you. It would probably take us a bit of
    >> time to trust a new person after some not so nice conditions
    >> too!
    >> Even look at the other species boards, you never know where
    >> you'll find a good tip.
    >> Good luck
    > I agree with Jo Ann, it will take a while for your amazon to
    > gain trust again. Take it slow, don't try to handle him until
    > he's ready. Talk to him and what ever you do, tell him. It
    > may take awhile, but gradually he will realize that you won't
    > harm him and he'll come around. Amazons are awesome, and once
    > he feels secure, the clown with an attitude personality will
    > shine! Be patient.......
    > Gail

    I would say that your fiance being able to handle him is pretty
    good considering what he's been thru. Patience really is a
    virtue with parrots. I'm not sure where you're from but some
    behavioralist will even give you a free consultation if the
    biting continues for a long period of time. Just continue being
    friendly yet firm with him. Amazons are a real joy!