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Re: bored amazon

Posted by Gail on 11/06/06
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    On 11/06/06, carol wrote:
    > I have a young amazon. She is out of her cage several
    > hours a day. I leave the door open so she can come and go
    > as she pleases during this time. She has lots of toys in
    > and out of her cage. Lately she seems really bored. I've
    > given her several new toys but she has decided it is more
    > fun to sit on my head and to rip out my earrings. Nothing
    > else appeals to her. Other than eating of course. :) Any
    > suggestions on activities for an active amazon?

    Sounds like pretty normal Amazon behavior to me. My WFA
    liked to sit on my head as well, I have been training her to
    stay on her playstand. She is pretty good at entertaining
    herself, she is probably testing her limits, kind of like a
    two year least that's what I've heard, don't have
    kids so can't compare by first hand knowledge.

    I also rotate her toys rather than just adding new ones all
    the time. This seems to work for her. My WFA is 17 months

    I am sure there are many people who have much more
    experience than I. I believe I have read that when Amazons
    are bored they scream a lot.

    Hope this helps.