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Re: Dudley - Bitting Amazon - 19 yrs old/Jackie

Posted by Debbie on 11/16/06
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    Are the birds wings clipped?? That helps here with my YN
    female and my others birds as well. My YN likes men but isnt
    crazy about women. I adopted her 3 years ago and thought
    since she had been abused and thru many homes that she
    needed to be handled more but I was wrong ....she didnt know
    how to control herself. It took me 2 years of getting bit
    and to the bone most bites but now I just take her out for
    her "special time" in the evenings.
    She NEVER gets on my shoulder just in case she might bite
    cause thats just too easy for any bird and way too close for
    comfort for me plus I have always heards its not good to let
    any bird up on your shoulder for control.
    So for the last year she is fine and settled down more with
    the small time she gets and she watches TV during the day
    plus gets treats and talked too. Now with our son she lays
    on the bed with him and lets him pet her anytime and has
    always done well with men but she does get very jealous at
    Has something changed there to where maybe your bird is
    jealous?? Maybe its hormones maybe you are its mate and its
    serious about you who knows but try watching different
    things to see what might set your bird off. Its hard for
    birds to go from home to homes and if at all possible with
    ideas from other birds owners on here we can help to calm
    the problem so things dont get that bad to where its all you
    can do but it does happen I know. I had a male BF that
    wanted the YN and he took it out on me no matter what I did
    and where I moved them to where they werent together. he
    would go after me but other wise was a sweet bird. So after
    a year of this I finally sold him. He is doing so much
    better there where he cant get his hormones up in a bunch
    for the female that he cant have and is a sweet bird again
    plus he is happy. My advice is to sit and watch from the
    birds level and see what trips his trigger so to speak and
    do not let him by your face what so ever. The higher a bird
    can get on you the more in control they feel.
    Hope this helps some and others on here help with good
    advice as well.
    Take care,

    On 11/16/06, Jacqueline John wrote:
    > I have a 19 yr old yellow nape who is spoiled rotten. He
    > has a Huge cage and playpen-he has never been locked in
    > since I got him when he was 3 months old.
    > He is well fed and I play with him a couple of hours a day
    > or he sleeps on my shoulder.
    > In the last 2 months he has sent me to the hospital
    > He lunges at my face and bit me on my temple, 5 stitches
    > my ear, and bit my lower lip from outside to inside.
    > In 18 years I have never - not ever - been bitten once!
    > The first and second time he was on my shoulder when the
    > phone rang and as I got up to get it he freaked out. Mad
    > at me because he knew he was not getting my full
    > attention. That is my best guess. Now he lunges at my
    > face all the time and now must be locked in cage.
    > I think I was giving him too much attention? I have a 130
    > lb. German Shepheard and Dudley chases him around the
    > table, which I have to admit is very funny.
    > I need help! If I can't fix this I will have to sell him
    > which terrifies me that he would end up being abused
    > ignored.
    > Please help me and Dudley!