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Re: orange wing amazon question

Posted by becca on 12/03/06
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    On 12/02/06, Debbie wrote:
    > The site is getting pretty bad I know and lots of people have
    > left or dont stay if they see how it is anymore. Guess I am a
    > die hard or just flat stubborn and dont want to quit too.
    > WOW 19 is pretty good for a finch ... he must have a really good
    > home :0)
    > We have as pets in the house 2 CAGs,1 TAG, 1 max pionus,1
    > crimson rosella (just bought her in Nov)a pair of canaries,a
    > pair of green cheek conures, and I have 2 amazons that I adopted
    > a few years ago as well. On is a YN (dont know her age)and the
    > other is a DYH and he is 47.
    > Outside I have 2 pairs of senegals, a pair of TAGs, a pair of
    > POW, and breeders pairs of english parakets, cockatiels and some
    > diamond doves as well. At another breeders I have a pair of
    > Alex. Parakeets and dusky conures set up for breeding but they
    > are just too loud for where we live now and dont want to
    > neighbors to put up with it. I have 9 box turtles and water
    > turtles loose in the back yard with 2 KOI ponds for the water
    > turtles to live in as well. I have 5 dogs and 1 cool non bird
    > eating cat and 2 Beta fish. I have always loved animals and you
    > never really have to grow up when they are around plus they make
    > me/us all laugh at something everyday too :0)
    > Have a good day
    > Debbie
    > On 12/02/06, gwen wrote:
    >> Hi Debbie!
    >> It has been really quiet on here lately ... with the exception
    > of all the fights and
    >> non-bird people. When I first came on this site you could ask
    > a question and
    >> actually get a healthy response ... now the only reason people
    > come on here is to
    >> fight or watch a fight. It's sad really. So what other
    > featherd kids do you have??
    >> We have 8 macaws, a gray, a citron, 3 orange wings, 2
    > ringnecks, 2 nandays, 5
    >> lovies, 3 parakeets, a canary and a 19 year old zebra finch.
    > He amazes me
    >> everday!
    >> Good to hear from you!
    >> I think when you're an animal lover it doesn't seem like work
    to take care of all your babies. I know other people think I'm
    crazy. (I'm sure you get it too.) I'm thankful everyday that I get
    to spend my life with my dogs, cats, and birds. They do make life
    really interesting and fun!