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Re: orange wing amazon question

Posted by Debbie on 12/04/06
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    Crazy is the word I hear often or ZOO but you get rewarded so much
    by your animals so its sure worth it. Thoses that think I am crazy
    dont even have a dog and I cant understand that at all :0( but to
    each his own I guess.
    I tell everybody these birds are a hobby and I really do enjoy it.
    (not everyday is great HA HA but most days are)
    With the way this world is so hateful anymore the birds and other
    critters seem to make it better.
    Cockatiels are the way most of us started out with birds from what
    I've heard.

    On 12/03/06, becca wrote:
    > On 12/02/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> The site is getting pretty bad I know and lots of people have
    >> left or dont stay if they see how it is anymore. Guess I am a
    >> die hard or just flat stubborn and dont want to quit too.
    >> WOW 19 is pretty good for a finch ... he must have a really good
    >> home :0)
    >> We have as pets in the house 2 CAGs,1 TAG, 1 max pionus,1
    >> crimson rosella (just bought her in Nov)a pair of canaries,a
    >> pair of green cheek conures, and I have 2 amazons that I adopted
    >> a few years ago as well. On is a YN (dont know her age)and the
    >> other is a DYH and he is 47.
    >> Outside I have 2 pairs of senegals, a pair of TAGs, a pair of
    >> POW, and breeders pairs of english parakets, cockatiels and some
    >> diamond doves as well. At another breeders I have a pair of
    >> Alex. Parakeets and dusky conures set up for breeding but they
    >> are just too loud for where we live now and dont want to
    >> neighbors to put up with it. I have 9 box turtles and water
    >> turtles loose in the back yard with 2 KOI ponds for the water
    >> turtles to live in as well. I have 5 dogs and 1 cool non bird
    >> eating cat and 2 Beta fish. I have always loved animals and you
    >> never really have to grow up when they are around plus they make
    >> me/us all laugh at something everyday too :0)
    >> Have a good day
    >> Debbie
    >> On 12/02/06, gwen wrote:
    >>> Hi Debbie!
    >>> It has been really quiet on here lately ... with the exception
    >> of all the fights and
    >>> non-bird people. When I first came on this site you could ask
    >> a question and
    >>> actually get a healthy response ... now the only reason people
    >> come on here is to
    >>> fight or watch a fight. It's sad really. So what other
    >> featherd kids do you have??
    >>> We have 8 macaws, a gray, a citron, 3 orange wings, 2
    >> ringnecks, 2 nandays, 5
    >>> lovies, 3 parakeets, a canary and a 19 year old zebra finch.
    >> He amazes me
    >>> everday!
    >>> Good to hear from you!
    >>> I think when you're an animal lover it doesn't seem like work
    > to take care of all your babies. I know other people think I'm
    > crazy. (I'm sure you get it too.) I'm thankful everyday that I get
    > to spend my life with my dogs, cats, and birds. They do make life
    > really interesting and fun!