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Re: orange wing amazon question

Posted by Jo-Ann on 12/04/06
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    On 12/04/06, Debbie wrote:
    > Crazy is the word I hear often or ZOO but you get rewarded so much
    > by your animals so its sure worth it. Thoses that think I am crazy
    > dont even have a dog and I cant understand that at all :0( but to
    > each his own I guess.
    > I tell everybody these birds are a hobby and I really do enjoy it.
    > (not everyday is great HA HA but most days are)
    > With the way this world is so hateful anymore the birds and other
    > critters seem to make it better.
    > Cockatiels are the way most of us started out with birds from what
    > I've heard.
    > Debbie

    Well, my husband says no to more birds but wants to get a dog. I am
    all for it - love dogs as long as they are small, and don't shed!

    Since hubby is disabled, I thought a bird would be the best pet for us
    at this time since I don't have time to walk a dog and he can't. She
    is bonded more to me, but they are together all day, she'll be with
    him watching TV, sit on his shoulder while at the computer and take a
    nap on his arm when he naps - soooo darn cute!!

    The pet store I frequent has 2 baby grays - stole my heart!! One is
    sold already and I bet the other will be sold this week.

    I could just imagine what my tiel would be like if I brought in
    another bird!! She would be very mad I'm sure!

    I'm kind of crazy with her though - I do cook and bake for her, buy
    veggies she likes even though I don't like them. Bought a pomegranate
    (spelling?) she eats about 2-3 kernals a day! And sprouts and what
    ever I'm eating for dinner. Last night I gave her some broccolli and
    cauliflower off my plate and onto hers - well that just wasn't good
    enough!! She came over to my plate and started eating my cauliflower
    and broccolli! The little stinker!

    She brightens my day after a long day at work when she whistles as I
    come in the door - she's so happy to see me and can't wait to sit on
    my shoulder or on my head or under the chin. Love the little bugger!