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Re: orange wing amazon question

Posted by Chris Dickerson on 5/29/07
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    we have 2 orange wings one male and one female the male has more
    blue and the female has more yellow feathers on her head, but it
    is almost impossible to tell unless you get them dna tested
    which is only about $15 to $20, you don't have to go to a vet,
    if you purchase bird talk magazine and look at the ads there are
    reputable labs that you can send a blood sample to and in a week
    or so they will send you the results, just clip a toenail wipe
    some of the blood on a piece of paper and have some flour to put
    on the nail to stop the bleeding. This is more tramatic for us
    than it is the bird, we have had this done for all 5 of our
    birds. Hope this helps, have a great day.

    On 3/20/07, Ken Miller wrote:
    > On 12/01/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> I really cant help as I only have the YN and DYH amazons but
    >> I am just so glad to see someone on here and I didnt want to
    >> let you think nobody is here but thats kinda what its been
    >> like on all of the message boards on here lately :0(
    >> So "Hello" from another bird person owned by many birds :0)
    >> Debbie from Calif.
    >> On 11/30/06, gwen wrote:
    >>> Hello, We have 3 orange wing amazons, none of which have
    >>> been sexed. I have a question about the yellow on their
    >>> heads. 2 that act like males have yellow feathers on their
    >>> heads and the one that acts female only has purple on her
    >>> head. Is one sex prone to a yellow head or could it go
    >>> either way??? I never realized it until I brought the 3rd
    >>> baby home. Any input would be helpful :)
    >>> Thanks!
    > Hi it sounds like you have 2 orange wings and one blue
    > front....dont even try to sex by looks.I have 2 orange wings,I
    > named one Bo, the one I thought was male,the other Ruby I
    > thought was female.I was wrong sbout both.. Ken