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Re: Mumbles VS Papa Round 1

Posted by Pauljr on 12/04/06
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    On 12/04/06, Pamela wrote:
    > Need some help or ideas. Mumbes and Papa are both DYH
    > Amazons. Mumbles is 12 and a female, Pap is 45+/- and a
    > male. We have had Mumbles 8 years next month, Papa 3
    > Christmas Eve.
    > I have been hoping and praying (no success) that they
    > at least tolerate each other but no such luck.
    > The other day Papa fell off his cage before I got home
    > work, hubby spent 15 minutes trying to get him back on
    > (Papa doesn't know what to think of men). The whole time
    > he was trying to get Papa back on his cage Mumbles was
    > trying everything she could think of to get off her cage
    > and go after Papa.
    > Hubby said you need to do something before one of them
    > really gets hurt. I have started putting their cages side
    > by side at night and all day. So far all they do is say
    > nasty stuff back and forth, although Papa does dance his
    > heart out for her.
    > If I can't get them to at least be nice and not try and
    > attack each other I am going to have to find a home for
    > of them per husband. Which I know he is right if either
    > them got seriouly hurt it would tear me up.
    > Any ideas on what to do?

    amazons are very territorial , what you can try is diff
    room and diff cages.

    Howard vorens says, once they decide they dont like each
    other rarely they will change their minds.