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Re: Mumbles VS Papa Round 1

Posted by Debbie on 12/04/06
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    Hi Pam its Debbie in Calif.
    I have the one 47 DYH male and then a YN female as well, I
    had another amazon but he (BF) just wasnt happy here because
    I would not let him have the YN female and he would try and
    bite me everyday so I finally sold him for my
    sanity .....BUT..... I still can hear how he is doing where
    he is now which makes me very happy.
    Anyhow my DYH hates my YN and I do have to keep them in
    seperate rooms now. He just goes crazy if he hears her at
    all and its weird because for 1 1/2 years they were ok
    around each other but not anymore. They had cages next to
    each other for about a year. But now he gets so excited and
    so loud plus he gets kinda crazy and will even try to bite
    me trying to get to her.
    I do take them in the shower to sit on the doors...they are
    so loud in there but its a neutral area and they get it out
    of their system for a while and so far we have been lucky
    they dont go after each other too bad. Mom and Mr. Stick are
    very close just in case.
    He isnt like that with the other birds in here just the YN
    amazon so dont feel bad its not just your birds that are
    brats that dont get along but its best to be safer than
    sorry I know what you are saying. Hopefully somebody will
    have a better answer for you on maybe what to try and I can
    use it as well for my birds.
    Take care,

    On 12/04/06, Pamela wrote:
    > Need some help or ideas. Mumbes and Papa are both DYH
    > Amazons. Mumbles is 12 and a female, Pap is 45+/- and a
    > male. We have had Mumbles 8 years next month, Papa 3
    > Christmas Eve.
    > I have been hoping and praying (no success) that they
    > at least tolerate each other but no such luck.
    > The other day Papa fell off his cage before I got home
    > work, hubby spent 15 minutes trying to get him back on
    > (Papa doesn't know what to think of men). The whole time
    > he was trying to get Papa back on his cage Mumbles was
    > trying everything she could think of to get off her cage
    > and go after Papa.
    > Hubby said you need to do something before one of them
    > really gets hurt. I have started putting their cages side
    > by side at night and all day. So far all they do is say
    > nasty stuff back and forth, although Papa does dance his
    > heart out for her.
    > If I can't get them to at least be nice and not try and
    > attack each other I am going to have to find a home for
    > of them per husband. Which I know he is right if either
    > them got seriouly hurt it would tear me up.
    > Any ideas on what to do?