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Re: Mumbles VS Papa Round 1 Pamela

Posted by Debbie on 12/06/06
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    Pam dont worry about what the idiot trouble makers with nothing
    else to do but put down others on here are telling you.
    Those of us with REAL birds can understand where you are coming
    from with your birds not getting along.
    We can relate to a REAL bird question or just a bird person
    wanting to share bird things without the hateful extras that seem
    to make some peoples day and why they are so hateful is just
    unreal to me.

    On 12/06/06, Wondering wrote:
    > On 12/06/06, Pamela wrote:
    >> I am not your sister, read again or get your glasses, it says
    >> per my husband not me. I will do anything and everything
    >> possible to insure both birds are safe and happy. I don't care
    >> how long it takes. I do not want to find a home for either
    >> bird I want ideas how to keep them happy and safer. Please do
    >> not respond if you do not have helpful ideas, as I am will to
    >> try anything to make sure them are both happy. My husband is
    >> the one who stated if I can not figure our a way to keep them
    >> safer he wanted me to need a home for their safety.
    > This just gets better and better. What kind of marriage do you
    > have? Sounds more like a dictatorship. That would be the day
    > husband gave me an ultimatum such as this.
    > Thank God you don't have kids that fight. How ever would you
    > decide which one to re home?