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Re: Mumbles VS Papa Round 1

Posted by Jo-Ann on 12/07/06
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    On 12/04/06, Pamela wrote:
    > Need some help or ideas. Mumbes and Papa are both DYH
    > Amazons. Mumbles is 12 and a female, Pap is 45+/- and a
    > male. We have had Mumbles 8 years next month, Papa 3
    > Christmas Eve.
    > I have been hoping and praying (no success) that they
    > at least tolerate each other but no such luck.
    > The other day Papa fell off his cage before I got home
    > work, hubby spent 15 minutes trying to get him back on
    > (Papa doesn't know what to think of men). The whole time
    > he was trying to get Papa back on his cage Mumbles was
    > trying everything she could think of to get off her cage
    > and go after Papa.
    > Hubby said you need to do something before one of them
    > really gets hurt. I have started putting their cages side
    > by side at night and all day. So far all they do is say
    > nasty stuff back and forth, although Papa does dance his
    > heart out for her.
    > If I can't get them to at least be nice and not try and
    > attack each other I am going to have to find a home for
    > of them per husband. Which I know he is right if either
    > them got seriouly hurt it would tear me up.
    > Any ideas on what to do?

    Pam, of course you don't want to rehome either bird!
    Would it be possible to put them in seperate rooms?

    As far as children go - lets see - the wealthy sent theirs
    off to boarding school, prodigies get college scholorships
    and move away, the poor might send theirs off to a relative
    with better financial stability, the abusers get theirs
    taken away by the state.

    Sometimes, for whatever reason we just get a situation where
    there maybe just the one solution. Isn't the welfare of the
    birds of the utmost concern? If the situation calls for one
    of them to be rehomed, then that's what is called for.

    We do the best we can with what we got.