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Re: Mumbles VS Papa Round 1

Posted by Bobbie on 12/17/06
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    I too have to agree with Wondering.. not all birds get along and that is
    no reason to get rid of one or the other. Just keep them seperate unless
    you do not love your birds enough to keep them no matter what the
    problem. I have a YNA that is very demanding and territorial and can get
    very loud. I picked him from an egg. He is with me going on 8 years. I
    would never, ever let him go because he cannot get along with my other
    birds. There are adjustments and so many things you can do to make life
    happy for all concerned.
    Good luck,
    Bobbie & Birdz

    > Sorry folks! I have to agree with with Wondering.
    > Everything stated was a legitimate fact. And I believe they followed
    > it up with an excellent example. Heck, my sister and I didn't get
    > along, but I didn't see my parents selling one of us because of it.
    > Great response Wondering. If people can't accept your findings then
    > they are not worthy of having multiple birds. They do not always get
    > along in great harmony. As you stated, "DEAL WITH IT".
    > Brian