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Re: Mumbles & Papa Update

Posted by Debbie on 1/22/07
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    Cant say you didnt try something different. I tried many
    things with my 2 amazons and finally figured out as we
    painted and moved some birds around in Nov. (while the bird
    room was being aired out really good) that my old amazon was
    more comfortable in our room way away from the other amazon.
    He is so jealous of my other amazon its just unreal but the
    other birds are ok for him.
    To top it all off my husband sleeps days so MOM has had to
    try different things here as well to keep the peace.
    Most of the birds here will stop being as noisy if I take
    them out to play or some I cover them up for a bit then I
    can uncover them and they are really good plus not as noisy.
    We do what we can with our birds to make it best for us all
    if possible.
    Hope things go better with your birds.

    On 1/19/07, Pamela wrote:
    > Well Papa is back in our house, didn't think Mom would be
    > interested very long, lol. We are just going to work
    > around the problem of Mumbles being a pistol to him. I am
    > really glad he is back. Even though he was right next
    > door and I was over there everyday I still missed him. I
    > do believe Mumbles even missed him in her own way (no one
    > to yell back and forth with).