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Re: Angry at My Amazon

Posted by ed on 2/07/07
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    On 2/07/07, Stacy W. wrote: hello my name is Eduardo and I am
    from central america, I've had amazons since I was a kid, I
    think you are been to harsh on the birds behavior,and to your
    self. you have to understand that her nature is to bite and if
    she was in the wild, biting is perfectly fine, also remember
    that not all the parrots are the same. I think you have a good
    idea on not showing fear, but only time will tell if the
    parrot will be as friendly as you are
    > The behavior you describe is typical of Amazons but usually
    > much later -- typically around the time they discover
    > sexuality. The first time this biting stuff happened to me -
    > I instinctively grabbed the bird around the neck (with my
    > thumb and index fingers, very loosely without any pressure).
    > The wings were not clipped and my bird flew for a few seconds
    > with my "finger ring" around the neck. We made eye to eye
    > contact and we were both in shock (me thinks) -- Anyways -- I
    > pulled my hand away after about a second or two -- It has
    > never happened again.
    > On 2/07/07, Barb wrote:
    >> I had 3 parrots, now 4, a 9 month old Blue Front that I've
    >> had for 5 months. This 4th parrot is MY FIRST Amazon. I
    >> have treated her very nicely but I really hate some of her
    >> nasty behavior. I am looking for advice on what to do. She
    >> is outside a lot on her big perch. For whatever reason, she
    >> seems to get in bad (very nasty) moods. I will simply give
    >> the step up command, and she goes hard for my finger or
    >> hand. Other times she is perfectly fine. I am not sure
    >> what to do when she attacks my hand. I don't want to act
    >> scared as it will only make her more aggressive. I talk to
    >> her trying to be close and gently yet firm and she goes for
    >> my face. I believe she would bloody my face if allowed. I
    >> hate this behavior and I get angry. I don't understand the
    >> behavior and I don't like a bird who tries to bite
    >> especially while still less than a year old. In
    >> desperation, I have resorted to bumping her large perch in a
    >> way that knocks her off. Then she is very willing to let me
    >> put her on my finger from the ground. It works but it's no
    >> way to live. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to have a
    >> loving relationship with this type of bird?