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Re: Angry at My Amazon

Posted by KittyJ on 2/08/07
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    Birds biting is NOT normal. In the wild there parents teach
    eachother about respecting eachothers space, and everything. They
    only bite IF HAVE TO. But in captivity we change the birds and
    messing up their insticnt. Now I believe th ebaby is just like a
    child, testing his mommas limits. They do that in the wild too!
    You must each them biting is a NO NO. Like the parents would.
    Often times you can do that buy distracting them or "time" out
    EMMEDIATALY after the bite in the cage for 5 minutes, and MUST not
    look or talk to him untill 5 minutes are up. Its so sad to do it.
    But he'll learn this behavior is unacceptable. You dont see birds
    in the wild just biting at eachother causing puncture wounds..
    they'd all be one big bloody disease and death. Amazons in general
    I believe have MANY noticable warning signs saying "back off"
    Sometimes yo uhave to listen to these signs. Also if you live with
    someone else the young amazon might be taking to someone else, or
    even another bird. Many birds are a "Dont touch me" birds, even
    when they were very well socialized and handraised to be
    the "perfect" cuddly bird, they change. They grow up. Some birds
    HATE finger, so you must cup you hand. Maybe while the bird is in
    a "fighty" mood try playing with the birds. It helps get rid of
    built up energy. Thats why its a must to provide LOTS of toys.
    Bokka my Umbrella Too was a "Me bird" lol. Only mememe. Mom plays
    the peekaboo game with a towel when he wants to fight and bite.
    And he bites that, and after wards he is calm enough to just fluff
    up and give warning signs, but not actually bite when mom
    scritches his head and rubs his piggies. Also your Amazon may of
    just been started or be molting. Around a yr of age I believe they
    go through another molt...