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Re: Angry at My Amazon

Posted by Hans on 2/10/07
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    I've tried flicking the beak and rubber gloves without much success.

    On 2/08/07, Jo-Ann wrote:
    > I read some tips on the Bird Whisperer website for a bitey bird - offer
    > your hand by making a fist and bending it in to stretch the skin on the
    > outside of the wrist and offer that spot to the bird to step up. with
    > the skin beinig strectched taught it is very difficult for the bird to
    > bite with nothing to really to hold on to. Since he won't get a
    > reaction to a bite since he couldn't bite, he realizes that it is safe
    > to step up.
    > I may not have it perfect, but you get the idea - and check out the
    > website too.
    > Good luck