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Re: Funny Amazon Stories

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 2/15/07
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    On 2/15/07, Pamela wrote:
    > Board is rather quiet so lets get some excitment going.
    > Tell us your funny Amazons stories.
    > Mine are our female DYH who goes nuts if she see a blanket
    > or pillow, does not matter who's she thinks they are all
    > her personal toys. Never try to make a bed with her help,
    > you end up with a lump under the covers that is laughing.
    > Also have a Yellow Nape who thinks our downstairs bathroom
    > is his personal room. He will chase anyone who tries to
    > use it. Had to rescue my sister, she forgot to shut the
    > door and Chuck had her standing on the toliet yelling for
    > help.
    > Also have another DYH who loves to see if he can out
    > talk/yell the other DYH, just to piss her off. They both
    > run through eveything they can say to see who gets the
    > last word in. When they start this my husband always
    > yells "and thier off" and laughs. PS: Papa usually wins
    > with a final "hey what wo wo".

    Funny !!!

    I have a Blue Front Amazon that sings Old MacDonald had a
    farm... and it is just so precious.