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Re: Funny Amazon Stories

Posted by becca on 2/19/07
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    On 2/19/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 2/18/07, becca wrote:
    >> On 2/16/07, Pamela wrote:
    >>> Chuck will count if I sing Old McDonald first, I say one, then he
    >>> does, I say 2, then he does, I say 3, then he waits about a minute
    >>> the says 5 very fast. Never have got him to do 3 or 4.
    >> I love the stories! Please keep them coming. I have a bfa but don't
    >> have too many stories to share yet.
    > Becca, how old is your Blue Front ? My Blue Front will be 2 in April.
    > The first thing he says every morning when I uncover him....
    > I love you! (using my "morning" voice)

    My girl, Blossom, is will be 10 months old on the 22. She's growing
    up so fast. She says a few a things. Her favorite is "Good Girl" she
    will chant it for hours. She says it so much that when I tell my
    eclectus he's a "good boy" he'll yell good girl or echo good girl.
    I guess I do have a cute little story. When I'm washing their dishes and
    preparing their cooked and fresh foods, Blossom will land on my shoulder
    (I don't normally let them up there) and repeatedly tell me I'm a good
    girl. It's so cute. She, also, says it when I hand her a treat. I used
    to think she called herself one when I gave her a treat because I call
    her one but when she started doing it when I'm cooking for them, I
    realized the truth. At least I know I'm being a good slave. :P

    -Becca and fids