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Re: Funny Amazon Stories

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 2/19/07
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    On 2/19/07, becca wrote:
    > On 2/19/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> On 2/18/07, becca wrote:
    >>> On 2/16/07, Pamela wrote:
    >>>> Chuck will count if I sing Old McDonald first, I say one, then he
    >>>> does, I say 2, then he does, I say 3, then he waits about a minute
    >>>> the says 5 very fast. Never have got him to do 3 or 4.
    >>> I love the stories! Please keep them coming. I have a bfa but don't
    >>> have too many stories to share yet.
    >> Becca, how old is your Blue Front ? My Blue Front will be 2 in April.
    >> The first thing he says every morning when I uncover him....
    >> I love you! (using my "morning" voice)
    > My girl, Blossom, is will be 10 months old on the 22. She's growing
    > up so fast. She says a few a things. Her favorite is "Good Girl" she
    > will chant it for hours. She says it so much that when I tell my
    > eclectus he's a "good boy" he'll yell good girl or echo good girl.
    > I guess I do have a cute little story. When I'm washing their dishes and
    > preparing their cooked and fresh foods, Blossom will land on my shoulder
    > (I don't normally let them up there) and repeatedly tell me I'm a good
    > girl. It's so cute. She, also, says it when I hand her a treat. I used
    > to think she called herself one when I gave her a treat because I call
    > her one but when she started doing it when I'm cooking for them, I
    > realized the truth. At least I know I'm being a good slave. :P
    > -Becca and fids

    When my Blue Front first started talking... he would only talk while I ran
    the vaccum cleaner. Now, he talks & sings non stop.