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Re: What type of cage to buy

Posted by Rebecca on 2/20/07
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    On 2/20/07, Pamela wrote:
    > playtop/products.cfm?action=view&key=PRP105
    > This looks pretty close to what I have for all 3 of my
    > Amazon and works wonderfully. Two of the cages were
    > purchased Christmas 98 and the 3rd 3-1/2 years ago.
    > They are all Prevue Cages and except for the paint peeling a
    > bit on the doors (where they poop ALOT)the cages still look
    > brand new. Paid $550.00 each for those two 9 years ago, and
    > were well worth it.
    > What kepp of new baby are you getting?

    California, Kings, and Avian Adventures are the best cages.
    They are also rather expensive. Kings has an economy line that
    is more affordable although I like the California cages
    better. Avian Adventures is top of the line. You could look on
    line for used cages in your area. I got a few really nice ones
    for a fraction of the price of new. HQ is the worst.
    Good luck and keep us updated on your baby's progress. We love
    stories and pictures around here. Is this your first bird?
    Amazons are great fun with beautiful eyes.