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Re: What type of cage to buy

Posted by Rebecca on 2/21/07
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    Also, I think eclectra meant the cage is 36"x24"x63". You can also
    purchase more levels for it. Each one is 36x24x30. I may have to get

    On 2/21/07, Rebecca wrote:
    > Hi, I saw the same cage at petsmart. I looked at my mom and
    > said "If that were a bird cage, it would be closer to $400-700 (in
    > a pet store). It looks just like one." I have thought about buying
    one. It's outrageous the way anything that's for parrots doubles in
    price than the same item for and other animal. I see dog toys and
    bird toys that are the same with very different prices.
    > Rebecca
    > On 2/21/07, electra wrote:
    >> HI-
    >> don't laugh too much till ya check it out but ferret nation
    >> makes a 2 story cage....if you never put in the second story
    >> floor grid and it makes a 32 by 63 by 42 powder
    >> coated , looks just like a bird cage....wheels are
    >> nice.....double set of doors top and bottom for full
    >> acess....runs about 200.00. Put the floor in and spilt it in
    >> two for a stacker. (makes two seperate cages) Very nice
    >> cage....very pleased with it. Many of my other parrot friends
    >> are using it too. Cpmes in a hunter green vein finish.
    >> electra
    >> On 2/20/07, Rebecca wrote:
    >>> On 2/20/07, Pamela wrote:
    >>>> playtop/products.cfm?action=view&key=PRP105
    >>>> This looks pretty close to what I have for all 3 of my
    >>>> Amazon and works wonderfully. Two of the cages were
    >>>> purchased Christmas 98 and the 3rd 3-1/2 years ago.
    >>>> They are all Prevue Cages and except for the paint peeling a
    >>>> bit on the doors (where they poop ALOT)the cages still look
    >>>> brand new. Paid $550.00 each for those two 9 years ago, and
    >>>> were well worth it.
    >>>> What kepp of new baby are you getting?
    >>> California, Kings, and Avian Adventures are the best cages.
    >>> They are also rather expensive. Kings has an economy line that
    >>> is more affordable although I like the California cages
    >>> better. Avian Adventures is top of the line. You could look on
    >>> line for used cages in your area. I got a few really nice ones
    >>> for a fraction of the price of new. HQ is the worst.
    >>> Good luck and keep us updated on your baby's progress. We love
    >>> stories and pictures around here. Is this your first bird?
    >>> Amazons are great fun with beautiful eyes.
    >>> Rebecca