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Re: What type of cage to buy

Posted by starr511 on 3/04/07
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    On 2/20/07, Rebecca wrote:
    > On 2/20/07, Pamela wrote:
    >> playtop/products.cfm?action=view&key=PRP105
    >> This looks pretty close to what I have for all 3 of my
    >> Amazon and works wonderfully. Two of the cages were
    >> purchased Christmas 98 and the 3rd 3-1/2 years ago.
    >> They are all Prevue Cages and except for the paint peeling a
    >> bit on the doors (where they poop ALOT)the cages still look
    >> brand new. Paid $550.00 each for those two 9 years ago, and
    >> were well worth it.
    >> What kepp of new baby are you getting?
    > California, Kings, and Avian Adventures are the best cages.
    > They are also rather expensive. Kings has an economy line that
    > is more affordable although I like the California cages
    > better. Avian Adventures is top of the line. You could look on
    > line for used cages in your area. I got a few really nice ones
    > for a fraction of the price of new. HQ is the worst.
    > Good luck and keep us updated on your baby's progress. We love
    > stories and pictures around here. Is this your first bird?
    > Amazons are great fun with beautiful eyes.
    > Rebecca
    Thanks for the info. Is a one inch bar space too large for an
    double headded amazon? I don't want him to get his head or
    wings stuck and get hurt.