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Re: What type of cage to buy - bar spacing

Posted by Dave on 3/12/07
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    On 3/12/07, starr511 wrote:
    > I am looking at toys for our soon to be DYH amazon. Will he want a
    > play stand with hooks that I can hang a swing on it? Will he
    > swing? What toys will he want? I don't know how old he is.

    Cages------You really should check out EBAY for cages. They have all
    sizes for every size and type of parrot..they cost less then half of
    the name brand cages. They're as well made as name brand cages except
    that they don't have a famous brand name on them. All of the brand
    name cages are a big rip off cause what you're paying for is the brand
    name. Most of the cages on EBAY are all new. They can be purchased
    directly from the manufacturer as long as the words BUY IT NOW is next
    to the listing. There's hundreds of cages. They provide photos ( as
    many as 5 per cage) and descriptions of the cage and what it's made
    of. After having parrots for a while, people eventually realize that
    they could have saved money by checking out EBAY as another option.

    Toys...Some amazons will like certain toys; other amazons won't like
    the same toys. It depends upon the bird. The most important thing to
    remember is that medium sized parrots need heavy duty toys that can be
    destroyed ( wood) and other toys that can last a long time. Toys will
    need to be replaced periodically. Parrots get bored. There's nothing
    wrong with having a swing in a cage even though the parrot might or
    might not like it. It becomes part of his home.

    Stands---All kinds of toys can be put on a stand or no toys need to be
    put on a stand. Again, it's a matter of personality and likes and
    dislikes. No two parrots are alike even though they may be the same
    species. Some amazons just like to sit on a stand and others like to
    play on a stand. There's nothing mechanical about a parrot-----Dave