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Re: Scarlet Lorded Amazon, do they exist?

Posted by Rebecca on 2/22/07
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    I would love to see a picture of this bird!!!

    On 2/22/07, Tammy wrote:
    > I have found nothing other than Red lored amazons, there were
    > more on this page
    > but
    > nothing stating Scarlet lored. Maybe someone trying to make
    > thier bird sound rare and worth more money???? Who knows,
    > kinda curious now though!!
    > Tammy
    > On 2/21/07, Rebecca wrote:
    >> On 2/20/07, Sherri wrote:
    >>> Has anyone heard of a Scarlet Lorded Amazon? I have
    >>> someone trying to sell me the mentioned species and I
    >>> can't find any information on it. They are saying it is
    >>> not a red lored.
    >> Here is a link to the 48 subspecies of amazons
    >> Hope it helps