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Post: Potty Training

Posted by Pamela on 2/27/07

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    Our male DYH is 48+/- and in the 3 years and 2 months we
    have had him he has never pooped on me. He will give a
    silly growl when he has to go and I hurry him back to his

    On the other hand our female DYH who is almost 13 years
    old (we have had her 9 years) doesn't let me know in time
    about 40% of the time. If something scared her she poops
    instantly (that's why her nickname is poop-see) if you
    scare her she will "poop see".

    We also have a 19 year old male Nape (he's owned my
    husband for 10 years now)who doesn't tell you in time
    about 5% of the time.

    Just wondering how everyone else does with potty training
    and how it is working for them.

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