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Re: Toys

Posted by Pamela on 3/13/07
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    We have 2 DYH one each male & female. Not breeders just
    pets. We have spent a lot of $$ on different toys. Our
    female's favorites are a travel size pillow and blanket.
    She will play with this for hours on end. We bought they
    for going on trips but she spotted them when I got the out
    of the bags and claimed them for her our personal toys.
    Our male is 45+ years old and the only thing he real play
    with is my shirt. He loves to cuddle on my chest and chew
    the shirt to pieces. They have the regular types of hanging
    toys too and seem to like anything with rawhide on it. They
    will chew on it four hours. Our nape also loves anything
    with rawhide.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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