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Re: Cage Covers

Posted by Zon Mom on 4/06/07
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    I use to use a large beach towel when we 1st got our Amazon.
    But when I finally found him a larger cage the beach towel
    wasn't large enough. And all of the covers I saw for sale
    looked to be light weight. So I purchased 5 large cotton
    bath towels from JC Penny's ( when they where on sale ) &
    made my own cage cover out of them. I sewed a rod pocket (
    large enough to put PVC tubing thru ) on one end of 4 of the
    towels & then made a frame ( that fits snuggly around the
    top of the cage ) out of PVC tubing & PVC corner fitting.
    Don't glue the PVC frame together!!!! Just slide one towel
    on each piece of PVC tubing & connect the 4 tubing pieces
    together with then 4 PVC corner fittings. And I then used
    the 5th towel to lay over the top of the cage, overlaping
    the frame. Later I went back & sewed the 2 Side towels & the
    Back towel together on the sides so that I could do away
    with the wooden clothes pins I was using to keep them
    together. But I left the front towel loose so I could roll (
    ro fold ) it up on-top of the cage during the daytime & down
    at bedtime. But I do still use wooden clothes pins to secure
    the sides of the front towel to the side towels at bedtime.

    If you sew or know someone who does you probably could get
    some heavier fabric at Wal-mart or a fabric store & line the
    cover you bought. Or make a pattern with that cover, buy a
    heavier fabric & make your own. I just like the towels
    because they definately are washable/dryable & keep my bird
    away from drafts year round.

    Hope this helps!

    Zon Mom


    On 4/06/07, starr511 wrote:
    > I just received the cage cover that I ordered 3 weeks
    > ago. Boy, am I dissapointed with it. Seems like it is
    > just so thin. How heavy should it be? Where can I find a
    > better one? This one is from Cozzy Covers.
    > Thanks