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Re: Cage Covers - To Meeko's Mom

Posted by Zon Mom on 4/07/07
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    I'm sorry but I don't have a camera ( or a cell phone that takes
    photos ), so there isn't any way that I can take or post a photo
    of the cage cover.

    Basically what I did was measure my cage ( it's a dome top )
    back/front & side widths. I purchased some nice Black colored
    cotton terry cloth bath towels that I was sure would fit after
    being washed/dried. I laundered them 1st before sewing the
    casings in one of the towel ends. At 1st I was thinking about
    using small metal curtain rods for the hangers. But I would have
    had to drill holes into the cage frame & attach them, which I
    didn't want to do with a new/expensive cage. That's when I came-
    up with the idea of using PVC tubing instead ( like many people
    use for making bird play stands ). Basically what you are doing
    is making a seperate curtain ( 4 total ) for the front, back &
    both sides of the cage. And then if you choose to sewing the
    back & 2 sides together at the corners. You need to leave a
    couple of inches at the top unstitched ( before reaching the rod
    casing at the top of the towels ) to allow room to insert &
    remove the PVC frame as needed. I made the frame with 4 pieces
    of PVC tubing cut to the lengths I needed & 4 PVC corners to
    connect them together to make the frame. Then I added a small
    screw-in type rounded hook into each PVC corner & attached the
    PVC frame via those hooks with a strong nylon cording to the
    cage itself.

    If you decide to stitch the sides towels to the back you will
    need to insert the 3 rods into the towels 1st & then slip them
    into the corner pieces. For the front I did add a rod pocket to
    the bottom of that towel & inserted another piece of PVC into
    it, which helps to roll the towel up during the daytime & down
    at night. And the 5th towel ( the top ) drapes over the top of
    the cage & down a bit over the other towels. I ended up using a
    few large safety pins to secure that towel to the back & side

    If you have any questions I'll try to clarify ( or walk you
    thru ) making a towel type cover. What shape is the cage you
    plan on making a cover for?

    Zon Mom


    On 4/07/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > Hi Zon Mom,
    > Can you post a picture of your cage cover? I'd like to see
    > that. ( I can sew--- so I'd like to see what you're talking
    > about) Thanks !